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Coaches & Coaching

Coaches & Coaching

The Kenya Triathlon coach development pathway is a prodigy of the International Triathlon Union model for coach education. As such, coaches will have to attend ITU Coaching Seminars in order to advance from one level to another; Kenya Triathlon Tribe will seek to allocate resources and opportunities for the coaches to practice their skills and advance their knowledge locally. The ITU coaching pathway provides for four stages of development, from Activator through to Level 3 coach. Many organisations seek to separate out different coaching domains (e.g. Performance, Participation, Children) into different coaching courses and separate pathways. The reality of constrained resources and coaches working in multiple areas suggests a more appropriate way is to deliver formal coach education courses which give coaches a progressive set of skills and knowledge which are fundamental to any area of coaching so that they can work in whichever domain they want and provide quality coaching experiences.

The age-group team is one hundred percent self-funded.Our Age-Group Athletes Team Kenya Triathlon Nation!

These skills build over the progressive courses to develop coaches who are:

reflective and self-aware;

self-motivated and self-learners; embrace challenges;

actively seek knowledge and open to different ideas;

work effectively through sharing and collaboration;

develop new approaches to coaching issues;

and fundamentally have a positive effect as a coach.

These skills are not easily achieved and need to be built over a long period of time. The nature of the ITU coaching courses reflects this, and it should be evident that the structure and nature of each course builds upon but is different from its predecessor. The pathway overview document describes the key differences between the course for coaches and NFs, to enable them to ascertain the best way to interact with the courses.

For more information please visit the ITU Coach Education Documents page.