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Technical Officials

Technical Officials

Much like with coaching education, Kenya Triathlon technical official accreditation is based on the ITU technical officials mentorship program. Officials with appropriate credentials for the level of the particular competition may apply to serve as a technical official to further their experience and knowledge, but are required to fund all expenses incurred. Applications are to be sent to the ITU Sport Department. 

Technical Officials Mentorship is a program where ITU Sport Department identifies technical officials who have progressed through the ITU system and are willing to act as mentors to developing technical official in their region or country. Serving as a mentor is an integral part of Level 3 Technical Official Certification. The Mentors and the Mentees will be assigned on multiple occasions as Technical Delegate and Assistant Technical Delegate of an ITU Event. The appointment of the Mentors and Mentees is the responsibility of the ITU Sport Department in collaboration with the Continental Confederations.

Technical Officials Courses

Level 1

One day and a half course provides the participants with the theoretical and practical training required to make them capable of officiating at National Events as a Technical Delegate and at Continental events as a Technical Official.

Level 2

The two-day course is designed to enhance the skills of the participants in officiating Continental Cups, Multisport Continental Championships, and Multisport Series Events as Technical Delegates. The knowledge they will gain will be also be used at World Triathlon Series, World Cups and Major Events as Technical Officials.

Level 3

The 3 days course covers World Triathlon Series venue and technical operations, Olympic policies and procedures, paratriathlon operations, team relay operations, communication strategies among TOs, athletes and coaches, and sustainability.

Community Level Courses This course is designed to prepare communities, club and school to present grassroots and “Tri for Fun events” locally with the focus being on basic ITU competition rules and event management principles.